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  Communicating with Customers & Clients

The average American business loses 15% of its customer base each

      year—68% leave because of an attitude of indifference from a

      company employee.—American Society for Quality Control

It costs between 2 to 20 times as much to win a new customer as it

      does to retain an existing one who has a complaint. —TARP Worldwide

Dissatisfied customers typically tell between 8 to 16 other people when

      they have had an unsatisfactory experience. —TARP Worldwide

If a customer feels you are responsive to a problem, they will do

      business with you again in 82% to 95% of the cases.

Make sure your customer service stands head and shoulders above the competition. You can choose from Jan's most popular topics or have her customize a program just for you:

Creating Exceptional Customer Relations
Hold the Phone…It's a Customer Calling!
How to Stay COOL When Things Heat UP!
Sending Emails that Get Results
Basic Selling Skills


Creating Exceptional Customer Relations
Studies show that 68% of customers who quit doing business with a company do so because they are turned away by an attitude of indifference on the part of a company employee.  That is, the customer's perception of that employee's attitude. When we're face-to-face with our customers, we need to be aware of our facial expressions and body language for they send messages we're sometimes not even aware of!

And, it's important to make sure your customers feel valued and heard.  Everyone wins when you take the time to pay attention to your relationships with customers—both internal and external. Word-of-mouth is one of the most important factors influencing a customer's decision to buy from or work with your company. Go beyond simply satisfying customers to having them sing your praises! And keep your customers coming back—again and again. In this workshop we'll:
Determine the 7 sins of customer service and how to avoid them

Differentiate among the four essential factors in communication and

      employ them to prepare for and manage interactions with customers

Explore how the way you look and the sound of your voice impact

      coworkers and customers—both positively and negatively!

Identify the Red Flag words that tick customers off and cause them to

      get defensive or aggressive

Demonstrate you're listening and make sure your customers feel heard
Focus on ways to stay in touch and keep customers coming back


"Our employees were struck by how well Jan related the content of her Customer Service training to their everyday jobs.  She worked hard to understand the business and their specific needs and challenges. I was personally impressed that she kept the entire group engaged considering we had such a large cross-section of experience and knowledge in the room."

Chris Nelson, Delivery Director

CBRE Integrated Occupancy Services

"Your presentation, which included customized content especially applicable to our situation reinforced by customized handouts, was precisely what we needed to inspire our group to practice effective customer relations. Thank you, too, for being so pleasant and easy to work with. It was obvious to me that you wanted to do the best possible job for Cap Sante Marine and our employees."
Graeme W. Wilson
President & CEO
Cap Sante Marine, Ltd


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Hold the Phone…it's a Customer Calling!
Every time the phone rings, your business is on the line. When customers call, what's their impression of the person who answers the phone? Of your company or organization? Make sure you're sending the right message every time. In this workshop, you will discover how to:
Manage calls right from the start—even shorten them
Make sure your voice sends the right message
Use effective phrasing when answering and placing calls
Recognize emotional trigger words to avoid


"What a nice time we had on Saturday.  You’re presentation was direct, concise and informative.  I am never disappointed.  Thank you for the gift of time and benefit of your knowledge."

Lorraine Keen

Scheduling & Finance Manager

UW Medicine/Northwest Hospital & Medical Center



“Through both my company, High Tech High Touch Solutions (HTHTS) and the organization I co-founded, the Customer Service and Support Professionals, Jan has provided programs that have been tremendously well-received. For the CSSP, she has lead her highly-interactive program, Hold the Phone…It’s a Customer Calling!"  Among participant’s comments:

“My colleague and I found it extremely enlightening and we walked away with tools to use within our organization as well as pass along to our client base.”

“I surely picked up tips to enhance our customer service. I loved how Jan delivered the material and the handouts were fabulously laid out.”
Ivy Meadors, CEO

High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.


"Your training has raised the bar on this team's view of Customer Relations and I discovered my need to improve my own communication skills. It is important to provide a quality product in whatever you do and with proper communication skills a customer has the potential to be more than satisfied, they are dazzled."
Doug Happe, P.E.
Head Coach, Emerald Aire, Inc.

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How to Stay COOL When Things Heat UP!
If a customer feels you are responsive to a problem, they will do business with you again in 82% to 95% of the cases! The moment we're faced with a difficult customer, we must take a breath and make a quick attitude adjustment. If we think about how the situation looks and feels from the customer's perspective, it's easier to avoid taking it personally and move the customer to a resolution. To keep them coming back and referring new customers, we must learn how to:
Identify the problem and work with the customer to resolve it
Use questions and positive phrases to gain control of the conversation
Listen effectively and avoid escalating situations
Turn an unhappy customer into a loyal customer!

"Thank you for your sincere interest in learning more about our firm and the class participants before, during, and after the event!  I was impressed by the level of engagement at our recent training and look forward to a continued, rewarding working relationship!"

Sarah Baltzell SPHR

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Certified Public Accountants


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Sending Emails that Get Results
Your customer service reps and other employees are handling more and more customer inquiries and complaints by email. Are their writing skills up to the task? They need to be able to communicate what they would normally say in understandable written terms without being too wordy or confusing and still strike the right tone. This workshop will focus on how to:
Make your message concise and to the point
Use subject headers to get a better response
Proofread for tone—so you're sending the right message

"Last year Sparling was named one of the best places to work by CEO Magazine based on a confidential survey of Sparling staff. This is a real compliment to you who have taught us how to communicate effectively with each other and with our clients."
James R. Duncan, P.E. FACEC
Chairman & CEO

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Basic Selling Skills
Sales don't happen by accident. They're the result of patience, planning and persistence. New salespeople can increase their sales by understanding the sales process and developing winning sales skills. Participants will learn how to move effectively through a sale from initial contact to the close and:
Establish rapport with prospective buyers
Qualify a prospective customer to understand their needs
Deal with objections that arise
Develop comfortable closing techniques to make the sale


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