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  Communicating a Professional Image

What messages are your employees sending when they appear in a wrinkled shirt and athletic shoes or have a hem drooping and a spot on their jacket? Do they look like someone who pays attention to details? Would you assume they are organized? Many businesses across the country are introducing more formal business attire policies and netting tangible results. more >>

A national survey found that more than 70 percent of executives surveyed agreed that workplace attire affects an employee's state of mind and/or behavior and, therefore, his or her productivity. Leaders of those companies cite such benefits as "an increased level of workplace professionalism," "a competitive advantage," "a customer-focused mentality" and "a corporate image that conveys seriousness and trust." Make sure your employees are putting their best foot forward! more >>

You can choose from Jan's most popular topics or have her customize a program just for you:

Your Dress Code: Part of Your Branding Initiative

What to Wear to Work
How to Look, Talk and Behave Like You Mean Business


Your Dress Code: Part of Your Branding Initiative

According to David Acker, author of Building Strong Brands, “A brand is a set of associations that provides a distinct image and the basis for a loyal relationship.” Certainly the appearance of those employees your customers and clients come into contact with has an enormous impact on that image.

And, according to Robert M. Howie, Chair of the Labor and Employment Law practice group at Riddell Williams P.S., “Hostile workplace claims often start as a failure to enforce a professional dress code. [And, we must] ensure that dress codes are enforced consistently to avoid disparate treatment claims.”  Make sure you have a professional dress code in place that reflects your corporate brand—the image you want to project. And be sure to enforce it consistently:
Create a set of standards to help provide employees with a guide
Help employees understand that they reflect the company’s image
Give managers specific information to draw upon when giving feedback
Provide clear and lawful guidelines on dress and grooming


“It was a real treat to have Jan present to our leadership team about improving our professionalism and living our brand. She was authentic in her approach and our team left the meeting with the confidence to move forward and make changes.”

Kim Woodward, SPHR
Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Group Health Credit Union

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What to Wear to Work
The quality of attention you pay to your personal presentation implies the caliber of attention you pay to the work you do for your customers or clients. A survey by CareerBuilder, Inc. found nearly 75% of US workers say that clothing or personal appearance influences attitudes about professionalism. Take one more step toward ensuring that your staff is focused, professional and productive. In this program we'll:
Review a recommended wardrobe checklist
Discover tips for shopping more successfully
Learn what it takes to get clothes to fit properly
Emphasize the importance of quality in accessories and clothing


"Jan listened to what we wanted to accomplish, was responsive to our requests and timetable and contributed insight and direction above and beyond what we could have created on our own. The entire process was a pleasure from the first contact through the successful presentation. We saw an immediate improvement in the standard of dress in the office, and both the owners and employees enjoyed the presentation."
David C. Lee
Peterson Sullivan PLLC

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How to Look, Talk and Behave Like You Mean Business
Marketing Professor Dennis Tootelian from California State University, Sacramento, who conducted a study commissioned by Mervyn's, says "Dressing appropriately for work and business functions—as well as displaying good manners and a sense of etiquette—is still important for workers who want to make a good impression and advance their careers." In this workshop, we'll:
Explore the components of the essential professional wardrobe
Polish your visual, vocal and verbal delivery
Determine how to create a positive, memorable impression—in

      networking opportunities or simply when making conversation
Practice effective, professional protocol—from introducing people to

      hosting a meal

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