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Whether you want to get your meeting or conference off to a lively start, bring your event to a motivating and thought-provoking close or recognize and motivate employees at a special event, Jan can craft a keynote that they'll remember. People take away more when they've spent time with Jan. They don't just listen, they get involved!

You can choose among some of her clients' favorites or have Jan create a keynote for your special event.

Getting in Your Customers’ Way?
  Policies, procedures or people may be driving them away

Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight

Don't Just Talk, Communicate!

Getting to What Matters the Most

Impression Management: Influencing Others
How to Stay Cool When Things Heat UP!


Getting in Your Customers’ Way?
Policies, procedures or people may be driving them away

Take the time to evaluate the direction of your customer service and you may discover it’s time to realign your compass! Jan will share some revealing statistics and then guide you through an evaluation of three crucial aspects of customer service:

Policies you have in place and may need to revisit
Procedures that create hoops for your customers to jump through
People skills of those working with customers and those leading them
You’ll take away ideas to help you raise the bar on customer service!

"Jan created a highly relevant program with a targeted message to meet the needs of our members who are business owners. “Getting in Your Customers’ Way? Policies, procedures or people may be driving them away” really hit the mark. In fact, several of our veteran members said, “Jan hit it out of the park.” Most of the 100 attendees were taking notes throughout—I’d say that is a great compliment to Jan’s material. Her program was laced with humor and loaded with ideas our members could implement immediately."

Glenna Thomas
Executive Director

Seattle Executives Association

Comments after Getting in Your Customers Way? at the Washington State Bowling Proprietors' Association Mid-winter meeting, October 1, 2013

"Jan’s enthusiasm during the presentation showed a genuine concern of wanting the best for the owners, management, team members and customers. She actively involved our audience by asking questions and having mini breakout sessions. I heard nothing but positive comments at the end of her presentation. I have already used and applied some of the items she has loaded in our tool boxes. I would not blink to refer Jan to any business or organization."

Mark DeAndrea, Manager 

Yelm Prairie Lanes

"Your presentation at the WA State Bowling Proprietors Association meeting was great information spelled out in a unique way.  I found the information easy to relate to and shared it with my fellow managers.  Thank you!"

Carol Santos-Mattoon

Bowling Development Manager

Big Al’s, Vancouver, Washington 

"Your presentation was fantastic! Thank you and Go Cougs!" 

Chris Nash

Zeppoz Bowl

Pullman, Washington


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Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight

Promoting excellence and innovation requires the ability to influence a wide range of people—both within and outside the organization. Participants will learn what is effective in multiple settings with multiple audiences. According to Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, “People are promoted for technical, operational and intellectual reasons, but fail for emotional ones.”

And as Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There, says, "Almost everyone I meet is successful because of doing a lot of things right, and almost everyone I meet is successful in spite of some behavior that defies common sense."

At the conclusion of this program, participants will have focused on how to:
Differentiate among the four essential factors in communication

Prepare for and manage interactions with all colleagues

Determine the behavioral traits needed to be authentic and effective

Examine the vital aspects of their visual, verbal and vocal image

Isolate the traits that can sabotage their credibility


“Jan, I so appreciate speakers like you who understand adult learning styles and engage in conversation with their audience, rather than simply talk at us!  Your program on “Leader As Influencer”at the WSAE 2015 Convention was a masterful blend of thoughtful, high-level information with experiential learning.  I really appreciated how well you understood your audience and how effectively you guided us on our own individual exploration of ourselves as leaders, offering opportunities for introspection as well as interaction with others in the audience.  You gave me plenty to think about and new ways of viewing myself as a leader.  As always, thank you for another great program!”

Donna Cameron, CAE

President Emeritus

Melby, Cameron & Anderson


"Thank you for sharing your energy, wisdom and expertise at the WSAE 2015 Convention. We received great commentshere's one: 'Best session of the meeting.  Incredibly engaging speaker and useful, applicable information!' It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for being responsive and timely and, above all, thank you so much for contributing to the success of the WSAE Convention."

Patty Anderson, IOM, CAE

Executive Director

Washington Society of Association Executives


“The participants had wonderful things to say about the Leader as Influencer class – “life changing” according to some.  Thank you for your consistent attention to the details of the program.” 

Judy Hansen, Director

Learning and Organizational Development

Swedish Medical Center


“Jan did a truly outstanding job of conducting the Leader as Influencer workshop and connecting with the group. This was a very effective day. She is a winner!”

Sandy Norris, MBA, CPHQ

Administrative Director

Medical Education and Medical Staff Services

Swedish Health Services

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Don't Just Talk, Communicate!
Have you ever been in a big hurry and started talking before you thought about what you wanted to say? Of course, we all have! Jan will take you on an exploration of the four essential factors in communication. When we communicate more clearly, we're much more likely to get the results we want. more >>

"Your evaluations were off the charts!  There were repeated comments to have you back at every conference. Please mark your calendar so you can come back next year.”

Eleanor Warmack, CAE, CPRP

Executive Director

Florida Recreation and Park Association, Inc.


"Your programs are always VERY popular. Thank you, too, for being so easy to work with."
Victoria Larrea
Special Programs Coordinator
Rancho La Puerta

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Getting to What Matters the Most
Do you operate in a crisis mode much of the time? Have coworkers who say, "Got a minute?" and then take half an hour? Here's a chance to examine the choices you make each day. Get better at setting goals, managing priorities, and controlling interruptions so you get done what needs to get done and quit wasting time on what doesn't. You'll have more time for what matters the most and lower your stress level!

"Thank you for your valuable contribution to the success of the 11th Annual Signature Customer Service and Support Conference. Your professionalism and expertise was well received and appreciated by our attendees, as is reflected in the evaluations for your session."
Ivy Meadors, CEO
High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.

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Impression Management: Influencing Others
Management and supervision require the ability to influence a wide range of peopleboth within and outside the organization. We will look at the vital aspects of your visual, verbal, and vocal image that help influence those around you. During the program, you will:

Explore what is effective in multiple settings with multiple audiences 

Identify behaviors that can sabotage your credibility and undermine 

     your ability to succeed

Develop an action plan to prepare for and manage interactions with

     those people critical to your success and that of your team


"Jan McLaughlin’s Impression Management was the most helpful presentation I have ever attended. While there are various ‘self-help’ books and programs out there, none bring to light what Jan shares when you look at yourself from another’s perspective. The smallest thingsexpression on your face while contemplating a problem, how you handle pauses in the conversation or providing Feedforward versus feedbackall of these add up to a big change and a new look at how connections are made or repaired. I have enjoyed Jan’s programs and would gladly partake in more as the opportunities arise. Invite her to your company/property and help your team create a stronger, more confident impression."

Takako T. Wright

Training & Development Manager

Snoqualmie Casino

“Jan’s Impression Management program for the Women’s University Club was a resounding success last November. So the club's Professional Development Committee engaged Jan to be the centerpiece of our programming for the current year. Over the course of Jan's three 2012-2013 programs, we look forward to gaining more insights and taking away techniques on effective communication that we can put to use immediately.”

Cathy Gibson, Chair

Professional Development Committee

Women’s University Club of Seattle

"Jan presented a dynamic, informative and humorous presentation called Impression Management: Influencing Others to our Lake Washington Human Resource Association Chapter Meeting.  Members comments included that Jan provided takeaways that could be used immediately and that it was truly one of the best programs she's attended at LWHRA! Jan was very responsive and a joy to work with.  I look forward to future presentations!"

Gayle Keenan, SPHR

Sr. HR Manager

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems


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How to Stay Cool When Things Heat UP!
We can't change other people, we can only change ourselves. But by altering our actions and reactions we CAN influence the response we get from others. Reduce your stress level by learning to coexist with life's difficult people:
Become less of a target for negative behaviors
Learn how to minimize defensiveness—yours and theirs
Be ready to understand and bring out the best in others


"Your evaluations were off the charts!  There were repeated comments to have you back at every conference. Please mark your calendar so you can come back next year.”

Eleanor Warmack, CAE, CPRP

Executive Director

Florida Recreation and Park Association, Inc.


"Thank you for your sincere interest in learning more about our firm and the class participants before, during, and after the event!  I was impressed by the level of engagement at our recent training and look forward to a continued, rewarding working relationship!"

Sarah Baltzell SPHR

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Certified Public Accountants


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