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  Communicating as a Leader

Do your executives, managers and emerging leaders have

what it takes to communicate effectively? Don't wait until you have problems!

2,000 former employees of American technology and professional

      services companies cited inept upper-level managers—particularly

      poor communication, expectation-setting and performance

      feedback—as the most important factor in their decision to leave.   

      —The Supplee Group

Workers from a variety of industries said two of the five most

      important drivers of employee commitment were open and honest

      communication and leadership. —Aon Consulting

200 vice presidents of 1,000 of the largest corporations in the country

      were surveyed: 40% admitted they snoozed during some

      presentations; 43.5% found most business presentations boring.

      —Wall Street Journal

The single most important attribute of an effective manager is the

      ability to listen well. —Loyola University

You can choose from Jan's most popular topics or have her customize a program just for you:

Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight

Meetings that Produce Results!
Getting to What Matters the Most
Communicating Your Vision as a Leader
Networking Skills that Net Results

Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight

Promoting excellence and innovation requires the ability to influence a wide range of peopleboth within and outside the organization. Participants will learn what is effective in multiple settings with multiple audiences. According to Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, “People are promoted for technical, operational and intellectual reasons, but fail for emotional ones.” Personal feedback and tips on managing one’s impression will be provided to each participant.

With permission from Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There, the day will conclude with his exercise, Feedforward.  As he says, "Almost everyone I meet is successful because of doing a lot of things right, and almost everyone I meet is successful in spite of some behavior that defies common sense."

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Differentiate among the four essential factors in communication

Prepare for and manage interactions with all colleagues

Determine the behavioral traits needed to be authentic and effective

Examine the vital aspects of your visual, verbal and vocal image

Isolate the traits that can sabotage your credibility


“Jan, I so appreciate speakers like you who understand adult learning styles and engage in conversation with their audience, rather than simply talk at us!  Your program on 'Leader As Influencer' at the WSAE 2015 Convention was a masterful blend of thoughtful, high-level information with experiential learning.  I really appreciated how well you understood your audience and how effectively you guided us on our own individual exploration of ourselves as leaders, offering opportunities for introspection as well as interaction with others in the audience.  You gave me plenty to think about and new ways of viewing myself as a leader.  As always, thank you for another great program!”

Donna Cameron, CAE

President Emeritus

Melby, Cameron & Anderson


“Thank you so much for your time yesterday in facilitating our team through 'Leader as Influencer'. The feedback I’ve received has been very positive. Your energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor while delivering important leadership content was a hit with our group! I think everyone took something away from the meeting they could work on.”


Alison Talbot

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company


"Thank you for sharing your energy, wisdom and expertise at the WSAE 2015 Convention. We received great comments—here's one: 'Best session of the meeting.  Incredibly engaging speaker and useful, applicable information!' It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for being responsive and timely and, above all, thank you so much for contributing to the success of the WSAE Convention."

Patty Anderson, IOM, CAE

Executive Director

Washington Society of Association Executives

"Jan presented a dynamic, informative and humorous presentation called Impression Management: Influencing Others to our Lake Washington Human Resource Association Chapter Meeting. Members comments included that Jan provided takeaways that could be used immediately and that it was truly one of the best programs they'd attended at LWHRA!"

Gayle Keenan, SPHR

Sr. HR Manager

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems


“Jan’s Impression Management program for the Women’s University Club was a resounding success last November. So the club's Professional Development Committee engaged Jan to be the centerpiece of our programming for the current year. Over the course of Jan's three 2012-2013 programs, we look forward to gaining more insights and taking away techniques on effective communication that we can put to use immediately.”

Cathy Gibson, Chair

Professional Development Committee

Women’s University Club of Seattle


“The participants had wonderful things to say about the Leader as Influencer class – “life changing” according to some.  Thank you for your consistent attention to the details of the program.” 


Judy Hansen, Director

Learning and Organizational Development

Swedish Medical Center


“Jan did a truly outstanding job of conducting the Leader as Influencer workshop and connecting with the group. This was a very effective day. She is a winner!”

Sandy Norris, MBA, CPHQ

Administrative Director

Medical Education and Medical Staff Services

Swedish Health Services

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Meetings that Produce Results!
Meetings are frequently unproductive because there is often no clear leader, no agenda and because the wrong people are attending or missing. Yet the average manager spends one to one-and-a-half days a week in meetings! When a meeting is guided by a compelling leader—who starts and ends on time, sets a clear agenda and provides opportunities for everyone to contribute—participants will be more likely to come prepared, you will receive more buy-in and a greater sense of inclusiveness will develop.  Participants will leave feeling their time was well spent!

As a result of this program, you will be able to:

Ask 7 crucial questions as you prepare for the meeting

Develop a thorough agendathe anchor to keep meeting from drifting

Apply 9 key tips to lead the meeting and keep the group focused

Engage participants through the use of visuals and by asking questions

Document and follow up—starting by handing out one-minute-minutes

"Many, many thanks! Your luncheon presentation yesterday on "Strategies for Leading an Effective Meeting" was fabulous! Just what we were hoping for! It was information-packed and humorous—providing great ideas for all of us.
Donna Cameron, CAE
Melby, Cameron & Anderson

Association Management Services

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Getting to What Matters the Most
Leaders save valuable time by delegating more effectively, communicating more clearly and controlling interruptions. The average manager is interrupted every 6-9 minutes with 4-5 needed to recover. Leaders gain the cooperation and respect of those they lead by:
Being clear about priorities
Delegating effectively—and not taking back the task
Controlling the blurters who report to them

"With the competition of Hurricane Gordon outside, you provided waves of valuable tools and concepts directed at using our time more effectively."
Harold B. Dana
IT Customer Service Manager
Masonite Int'l Corporation

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Communicating Your Vision as a Leader
In a brief speech you can communicate your vision for the company, let employees know how the company or organization is doing and tell them where it's going. Visionary leaders often share a key flaw—they forget to take people with them! Yet studies show that employee loyalty and workforce commitment hinge on these key issues. Make the most of your opportunity to motivate employees and gain their support and respect. We'll look at ways to:
Open with impact and grab their attention
Have them exclaiming "Is that so!" rather than muttering, "So what?"
Fine-tune your vocal, verbal and visual image
Include relevant stories that motivate and illustrate your points

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Networking Skills that Net Results
Every leader in your company has opportunities to bring in new customers or clients and new business. Whether they're attending a trade show, at a professional association meeting, or representing your company at a meeting or event; they need to be able to make the most of these opportunities. Are they ready to sell themselves, your company and your services or products? Make sure they know how to:
Enter into a group of people they don't know
Start and maintain a comfortable, productive conversation
Remember peoples' names—and what to do if they don't!
Effectively answer the question, "And what do you do?
Make the most of networking by following up effectively

"Thank you for the wonderful networking class you conducted here at Surefish. Everyone attending found it to be both extremely informative and very enjoyable. The customized content, handouts and interactive discussion and practices were precisely what we needed in building skills and awareness in a variety of networking settings."
Lisa Goché
Surefish, Seafood Quality Specialists

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