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  Communicating in Writing

According to an American Library Association survey, 70 to 80% of the population views reading as a risk. RISK? Yes, a survey by the Newspaper Advertising Bureau found that any time anyone reads anything, there's a risk they'll have to do something or they'll be unable to avoid doing something. Get people to read what you've written by lowering the perceived risk—make it easy to scan and edit, edit, edit.

You can choose from Jan's most popular topics or have her customize a program just for you:

Writing that Gets Results
Sending Emails that Get Results
Design It So They'll Read It!

Writing that Gets Results
Keep your written material from landing in the round file. Do everything you can to capture your readers' attention and get them to do what you want them to do. Get the results you want. Learn how to:
Grab attention by writing from your reader's point of view
Logically organize your writing so they get the point—quickly and easily
Focus on benefits rather than features
Use active verbs to make your writing more interesting
Cut the deadwood—redundancies, clichés and archaic words
Revise, polish and proofread so you retain your credibility

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Sending Emails that Get Results
Email is both a boon and a bane. It's a quick way to share specific information, but it's often misused as a way to avoid face-to-face contact. Many professional relationships are seriously damaged through email that  is sent when emotions are running high. We need to be able to communicate what we would normally say in understandable written terms without being too wordy or confusing and still strike the right tone.

Your customer service reps and other employees are handling more and more customer inquiries and complaints by email.  Are their writing skills  up to the task?

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
Write subject headers that grab their reader's attention
Project a professional image and tone
Write a clear call-to-action so they get the results they wantand need
Evaluate the effectiveness of their emails using checklists provided


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Design It So They'll Read It!
Whether you're working with a graphic designer or creating promotional pieces in-house, it's important that you get clear about what you're selling, who your customers or clients are and how your product or service will benefit them.

With the plethora of desktop publishing available to us, there's an important piece missingknowing what makes up effective design. Not just design that looks good; but design that compels your audience to readand take action. This workshop will help you:
Determine your purpose and the needs of your audience
Discover the seven elements to creating a consistent image
Produce materials using fonts, grids and graphic devices effectively
Write copy that gets read—from blog posts and tweets to newsletter

      articles and more

"Thank you for putting together successful workshops for the San Francisco International Gift Fair and the Seattle Gift Show. We rely on experts to share the latest business trends. I look forward to having you speak at future events!"
Stacey L. Heiss
Director of Marketing
Western Exhibitors, LLC


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