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  Did you know that 14% of every work week is wasted due to unclear communication? Jan McLaughlin's programs are loaded with practical tools everyone can put to use immediately to help them save time, save money, get along and get the job done! Effective communication skills allow valuable technical skills to be recognized and understood.

You'll notice a variety of topics under the umbrella of communicating. Over the years, clients have frequently asked Jan to develop more programs because they want to bring her back and because they know she understands their needs. Everyone benefits with a solid selection from which to choose. Among Jan's most popular topics are:

Don't Just Talk, Communicate!

Getting in Your Customers' Way?

Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight
How to Stay Cool When Things Heat UP!
Hold the Phone…It's a Customer Calling!
Powerful Presentation Skills
Meetings that Produce Results

All programs can be customized to meet your specific goals and needs.

You may choose from a variety of time modules:

Keynote speeches of 45 to 90 minutes

Breakout sessions of 45 to 90 minutes (or two hours!)

Workshops from two or three hours to two-days


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