You have all kinds of options to choose among! You may download a brochure to review and share with others, watch videos or download pictures. Just wish we could send you some popcorn to enjoy at the same time!

Here's a brochure you can download or print and share with other decision makers or committee members.

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Please let us know if you have specific questions about the content of any program:

You can also check out brief descriptions in Presentations & Trainings. In addition, you'll find a number of Articles by Jan in which some of the program topics are discussed in more depth.


You have three videos to choose among on this page. The first two are 3 - 4 minutes in length and include excerpts from Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight and How to Stay COOl When Things Heat UP! (also available in a 15-minute version on the YouTube channel). And, you'll find a shortened version of another popular program, Getting in Your Customers' Way?, on the YouTube channel. Please click the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page.


The last is a 2-minute video of me talking to you about the benefits my programs bring to your audiences! You may also view these three videos

in larger versionson my YouTube channel.



Here are some photos for your brochures, event programs and other promotional materials.



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