From time to time, you may find a very specific need and discover that Jan is just the person to fill the bill. Here are some crucial areas in which she helps her clients:

Coachingpresentation skills

Facilitating your meetings


Presentation skills coaching
Whether you're about to give a speech, make a presentation or walk into a critical networking situation, receive valuable feedback that will ensure success. Jan can work with an individual, team or small groups. If it's appropriate to your situation, Jan will video practice sessions and each participant will receive a CD which they can use as a learning tool—a reminder of their strengths as well as areas for improvement. The CD will include the feedback they've been given. Follow up telephone consultations are also available.


“Thanks so much for your help in bringing out the best in me during public speaking. Your expertise made a difference in my life. I can be a better voice for the voiceless because of your influence.  I have been on several speaking engagements since we met. Now I'm taking it to the national stage. I’m excited to share with you that I’ve had profound improvement since the in-service program you facilitated for the Nursing, Safety and Compliance Team of Swedish Medical Group.  Your expert guidance greatly increased my confidence. You are remarkable Jan. Can't thank you enough!” 

Charlotte Foster, RN, BSN, MHA

Nurse Executive

Swedish Medical Group


“Jan was my lifeline when I was preparing for an important speaking engagement. When I started preparing, I felt a lot of anxiety and concern about how it would go. After working with Jan, I was so prepared, I actually looked forward to the event. She helped me not only with my presentation style, but also with the content, the PowerPoint slides, my clothing choices, and so much more. I knew I was ready to go. I was relaxed and confident. I delivered a dynamite presentation and got great feedback!”

Ann Kruse, JD, MSOD
Leadership Coach


"Working with Jan took my presentation skills to the next level. I became more comfortable and better organized in my delivery by focusing on my structure and preparing for the mandatory video practice sessions.  Her “secret sauce,” (she calls them structure worksheets) forced me to think through the components of my topic and logically sequence them so that people could more easily understand the bigger picture. 

Even more important, working with Jan helped me not only be informative, but fun!  Who wants to sit in a room for an hour and listen to a boring presentation?  No one!  Jan helped me work humor into my presentation—the audience enjoyed it more, and so did I!   But, the real proof for me was in the follow-up email from the organization that I presented for: 'You did a wonderful job with your presentation Tuesday. I hope next time, they will give you a two-hour slot and a bigger room.' 

I put a lot of work into presentation opportunities for our company.  And after I am selected, there is even more preparation, and then travel.  It’s well worth our investment in Jan’s time and expertise to ensure that I walk into a room and rock it.  Thank you, Jan."

Connie Parsons

President & COO

IlluminAge Communication Partners


“The Train-the-Trainer course delivered as promised—and more!  Having three opportunities to present to the group and then get feedback was invaluable.  I also took away great ideas for helping to manage the flow of a training—from using a parking lot to fielding questions effectively.  Thanks, Jan!”

Andre J. Horochiwsky
Technical & Training Manager

Zonar Systems

"Jan is one of the best presenters we have ever brought in for this sort of training. She is clearly an expert in her field and is also very passionate about what she does. She found a way to deliver feedback (even when not necessarily positive) in a non-threatening but constructive way. I actually know I will utilize many of the lessons she taught me today."

A Director at Swedish—from an evaluation following an Impression Management workshop

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Facilitating your meetings
Whatever your goal, Jan will help your group stay on track, stay focused, get results and have fun in the process! So, whether it's an annual meeting or a retreat; whether you need to reach a decision or simply want to have the participants get to know one another and foster better working relationships, Jan's up to the task.


"Thank you for the significant role you played in making our annual meeting such a success. You created situations where people were able to voice concerns, share solutions and generally get to know more about one another. In short, you met our objectives for the day and then some!"
William H. Moultrie
Airgroup Corporation

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